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Another female jaahilah, ‘Apa’ Khatija Randeree, has surfaced in the public domain to encourage ignorant women to plod the path of dhalaal. The apa should remain at home preparing samoosas and baking cakes. The public domain is not for women. 



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A Brother from Canada complains:

Respected ulama,    Assalaamualaikum

I make duaa you all are in the best of health imaan and serving the beautiful deen of Islam.I relocated to Canada many years back.  I was inspired to becoming a better muslim by Sh Palan Haqqani whom many of you might have heard about.  I have been contemplating for a while to put my thoughts into words, and it all stemmed when I attended the seerah programme at Nurul  Islam  in Lenasia whilst visiting family. 

One of the keynote speakers in Lenasia was Sh Sulaiman Moola as well as others. I heard him a few times in Canada. However, when I made enquires from family they said he's a graduate of a Darul  Uloom in Johannesburg.  While  sitting  and listening to his speech, I observe that he makes a lot of jokes and some of them are too explicit, especially the marriage jokes. I overheard, whom I assume were ulama, speaking about the programme being  videoed. A graduate said that Madrasah Zakariyya sanctioned it and are fully supportive of Sh Sulaiman Moola going on TV and attending the ris conference and it's likes where there are  TV stations, photography, mixed  gatherings, free intermingling and the list goes on.



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Q. Regarding the Taraaweeh Salaat, in Durban the Huffaaz are  instructed to omit the second Durood and the Dua after Tashahhud.  Is this  proper?

A. It is not permissible to omit the  the Durood or  the second part of the Durood and Dua  after Tashahhud in Taraaweeh or in any other Salaat. It is close to kufr to omit a tenet of the Deen simply because it is not Fardh. Omission on the basis of something being ‘only’ Sunnah is called Istikhfaaf which is kufr. 

Those who are guilty of this major sin of having introduced this new shaitaani bid’ah of omitting what Allah Ta’ala has commanded are juhala at the minimum, and close to kufr at the worst. All their arguments for this new bid’ah are spurious and satanic. 

With each passing day, new shaitaani acts of bid’ah are being introduced at the behest of shaitaan. If this trend is not opposed, soon there will be a new ‘shariah’ of the nafs. But, Insha-Allah, there will always be those to demolish the villainy of the people of Bid’ah.

It comes in the Hadith that the worst thief is he who steals in his Salaat. Those who wilfully discard the Durood and the Dua from the Taraaweeh Salaat  are such thieves. They should shame themselves for  professing to be lovers of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), yet they  so impudently  discard  a Durood which takes less than a half a minute to recite. But after Taraaweeh they   waste considerable time chatting and smoking, and in gluttony.  But to devote a minute  for reciting the  Durood and the Dua commanded by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has become a huge burden for  these miscreant molvis and  huffaaz. Understand well that  whilst reciting the Durood and the Dua  after Tashahhud in any Salaat  is technically ‘Sunnat’, its recitation  practically  is Waajib. It is not permissible to  neglect and abandon a hukm of the Shariah which is technically  designated ‘Sunnat’ or ‘Mustahab’.

Last Updated on Friday, 24 June 2016 10:17


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Q. Is it permissible for Hanafis to stand in front of the Imaam when following him in Salaat? This is happening in the Haram Shareef in Makkah.

A. The Salaat of  those who stand in front of the Imaam is not valid. The Saudi Imaams  purport to follow the Hambali Math-hab which categorically   rules  the invalidity of Salaat performed in front of the Imaam. The  rare view of the Maaliki Math-hab is not applicable.    The Salaat of  Hanafis, Shaafis and Hambalis will not be valid in this scenario.

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