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The Kufr of So-Called "Islamic Series"

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The Kufr of So-Called "Islamic Series

Very briefly, two issues will be touched upon in this article:

  • Films or Series Depicting the Ambiyaa or Sahaabah
  • Films or Series Depicting Islaamic Figures

It is indeed glaring evidence that we are living in "the worst of times, with the worst of people" when there are so-called Muslims and - even worse - so-called "Ulamaa" who actively promote mockery of the Deen of Allaah Ta`aalaa.

This they do through their promotion of the vile, Haraam, Kufr films and series which have been made by Kuffaar (including those who claim to be Muslims) about Rasoolullaah صلى اِلل عِليو وِسلم and Sahaabah-e-Kiraam, such as "The Message" and the "Omar Series".

Such mal`oon (accursed) Kaafirs who claim to be "Ulamaa" and those who claim to be "Muslims", stupidly and arrogantly ask: "What is wrong with it?"

Everything is wrong with it, from beginning to end. It is an act of kufr and irtidaad to make films depicting the Ambiyaa or Sahaabah, as to do so is istihzaa, and istihzaa (mockery) of the Deen in any way, shape or form, is irtidaad which takes a person out of the fold of Islaam regardless of his "intentions".

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