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Following some police action at the Marlboro Musjid, the Sandton Muslim Jamaat issued the following statement:

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لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

With heartfelt pain and dismay, the Sandton Muslim Jamaat, sorrowfully advises that the Marlboro Jaame Masjid will be closed for all Salaah, including Jummah, with immediate effect, until further notice.


Through the abhorrent and spiteful behaviour of some people, police were instructed to act against the Marlboro Masjid for so called 'contravention'  of the current lockdown regulations, and we were visited last night by the station commander on the insistence of certain informants within our community.


We should all realize that such hypocritical actions have serious consequences in both Dunya and Aakhirah, as severe warnings have been given by ALLAH TA'ALA in the QURAAN for being a means of preventing others from the MASJID.

The station commander has threatened to arrest anyone congregating in the Masjid, and hold the Jamaat responsible for it.

On the advice of our attorneys, and through a collective Mashura, we were compelled to take this difficult and heart wrenching decision to close the Masjid for the duration of the current Level 3 lockdown.

Insha-Allah, the duration of this lockdown regulation will pass by within a short time and we will than once again resume all activities at the Masjid.

We appeal for your duaas, patience and co-operation during this darkest and saddest moment in the history of the Marlboro Muslim Community.

جزاك الله خير

(End of statement)


1) The Jamaat has been ill-advised by their attorneys. Almost all senior Muslim advocates, have issued statements to clarify the new satanic covid regulations pertaining to ‘faith based gatherings’. They have clarified that the regulations do not require the closure of the Musaajid.


2) It is not unlawful to keep the Musaajid open.


3) The police have no power of arresting musallis even if they arrive at the Musjid while musallis are performing Jamaat Salaat, shoulder to shoulder, as demanded by the Sunnah. In such an event, the police may first order dispersal. Only if the musallis refuse to disperse, will it be lawful for the police to effect arrests. In this regard, the government, explaining its draconian, satanic regulation states:


“An enforcement officer must, where a gathering in contravention of the regulations takes place ---

(a) Order the persons  at the gathering to disperse immediately, and

(b) If the persons refuse to disperse, take appropriate action, which may, subject to the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No.51 of 1977), include the arrest and detention of any person at the gathering.”

4)   The police has no power of ordering the closure of the Musjid, hence the trustees were ill-advised by their attorneys.


5) The collective mashura is in conflict with the Shariah. It is haraam to close the Musjid. The Musjid should remain open even if no official Jamaat Salaat will be taking place. There will be many Muslims from the streets who will frequent the Musjid even if they have to perform Salaat individually. Some Muslims will sit in Nafl I’tikaaf, engage in Nafl Salaat, Thikrullaah, Tilaawat and Dua. By closing the Musjid, the trustees have become a contemptible obstacle between Allah Ta’ala and His servants. They should therefore rethink their decision and open the Musjid.


6) In closing the Musjid when the law does not compel such satanic closure, the trustees come within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:


“Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor/tyrant) than the one who strives to prevent the Thikr of Allah’s Name in the Musaajid, and he strives to ruin the Musaajid (with closure and the like).”

7)  The spineless displays of servitude by Muslims is most despicable. Muslims should demonstrate some honour. Should the police unlawfully effect arrests, admission of guilt should not be paid. The matter should be settled in court.  Insha-Allah, the police will fail in court.


8)  Muslims have brought the current calamities upon themselves with their flagrant acts of fisq and fujoor. Nothing happens without the decree of Allah Ta’ala. The main response is to sincerely repent, submit fully to the Shariah and supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to destroy the zaalimeen and munaafiqeen.

9) Those masquerading as Muslims, who spy on Musallis performing Salaat in the Musaajid, and report to the police are pimps of the worst order. They are among the worst kind of munaafiqeen whose abode in Jahannam will be the very lowest department in the dregs of Hell Fire.

18 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 2 January 2021

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