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A CONCERNED GROUP OF ULAMA OF KWAZULU-NATAL complaining about the haraam shenanigans of the former Jamiatul Ulama Kwazulu-Natal, now known as Jamiatul Juhala KZN, laments: 

“Ulama of nowadays seem to forget that that the sources of Shariah existed from the very beginning of Islam. We say this because recently the Jamiatul Ulama of KZN sent a delegation to Syria/Turkey to distribute aid. They also took with them Ml A. Mahomedy’s wife and Ml Rafiq’s daughter. This was despite the fact that it was not sanctioned by the Jamiat’s Executive. In fact several senior members opposed ladies joining the party. However, they argued that we are living in modern times and there is a need (to set aside the Shariah’s prohibition). In fact some naïve moulanas (the juhala, ulama-e-soo’) went to the extent of arguing that these ladies are making ‘qurbani’ (i.e. sacrifice) by undertaking an arduous journey and leaving home in the month of Ramadhan. It should be remembered that during the xenophobic attacks that took place at our doorsteps none of these ladies even ventured to their neighbours up the street to assist the many Malawian Muslim ladies who were affected. 

Another argument that is presented is that other organisations send ladyfolk for most if not all their refugee missions. Therefore, we too should follow suit (into Hell-Fire). Are these valid ‘islamic proofs’? 

These very same so-called ulama (Juhala) seem to be always having a go at Majlisul Ulama on their social media that they do not want anything to do with scholars who attack other Ulama. They never seem to answer proofs, facts and realities, but adopt the emotional line that a person cannot be worth listening to because he criticises other ulama. They do not answer the valid claims with any Shariah proofs. Their reaction is mere emotionalism (base nafsaaniyat). They do not fear Allah and actively work towards preventing the youth from following Ulama Haq. 

By the way they argue that they go on their refugee assisting holidays with their wives and daughters not using Jamiat monies. This is puling wool over the eyes of the public.   They do not inform the other executive members of those who sponsor their trips. They do not tell the executive that they ask “well-wishers” to assist them with their tickets so that they may join the Jamiat delegation. 

Your comments regarding the attitude of these so called leaders of the Jamiat who lack Taqwa but criticise the Ulama Haq will be greatly appreciated. Their hallmark is deceiving and speaking lies to hoodwink the unwary. The other executive members of the Jamiat seem to be unwary of these master crooks. But the danger is that the innocent Muslim masses seem to be under the impression that these fakes are doing a lot of work for the Deen. To us they seem to be doing a lot of HARM to destroy the pristine nature of our Deen. 

It will be greatly appreciated if The Majlis could warn the Ummah of this great fitnah. 

Wassalaam    CONCERNED ULAMA OF NATAL”   (End of letter)


At the outset, we wish to clarify that the group, CONCERNED ULAMA OF NATAL, is apart from  the  group of Ulama-e-Haqq styling themselves, Jamiatul Ulama KZN Amr Bil Ma’roof. 

Secondly, due to the termination of our relationship with Jamiatul Juhala KZN (formerly Jamiatul Ulama KZN), a brief clarification of the cause of the rupture and  ending of the  previously excellent relationship is necessitated. 

The turmoil in the ranks of the Jamiat’s leadership in recent years was never a secret.  The original Jamiatul Ulama founded by the seniors has suffered a series of ‘leadership’ crises which culminated in break-away groups, leaving the Jamiat an emaciated, rudderless body with inexperienced juniors lacking in experience, Ilm and Taqwa at the helm of affairs. 

We had to conceal our surprise when it was learnt that the Jamiat, due to its inability to find a senior Aalim to be its Ameer, appointed the junior, inexperienced, Molvi Ahmad Mohammedy as its Ameer. We maintained excellent ties with this junior in the sincere  hope that he will be firm on the Haqq and with sagacious advice will not betray the Deen to join the fraternity of Ulama-e-Soo’. However, our three year association with Ahmad Mohammedy convinced us that his inclinations were towards baatil. 

The leadership position went to his head, driving him quite crazy. He had developed an unsatiable thirst for cheap name and fame, and his evil nafsaani objectives, in his opinion, could be achieved only by becoming a bedfellow of the people of baatil –  the Ahl-e-Bid’ah such as the Qabar Pujaari Barelwis, and the liberal modernists such as the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg. 

Having been caught in the grip of shaitaan, he conducted himself erratically and irrationally. In his fence-sitting tactics, he tried to appease antagonists and those in opposite camps. He wanted his bread buttered on both sides. Whenever he met us, he was all in our favour, criticizing the people of baatil. When he was with the people of baatil, he criticized us behind our backs. With gheebat he tried to placate both extremes. But he failed miserably, hence he has become totally alienated from the Haqq, and is now openly and firmly entrenched in the camp of baatil. 

While he issued the genuine UUCSA letters denouncing  Bogus ‘uucsa’, and which letters genuine UUCSA has submitted to court, he would condemn the Ulama-e-Haqq when in the company of the frauds and ulama-e-soo’ and bid’ah. He has thus brought disgrace to himself.  Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (rahmatullah alayh) said:  “He who seeks izzat (honour/respect) with baatil, Allah will overwhelm him with humiliation by means of the Haqq.” 

We have found Ahmad Mohammedy, the ‘ameer’ of Jamiatul Juhala to be treacherous. He is a back-stabber. For gaining his shaitaani and nafsaani objectives of cheap aggrandizement and leadership, this power-drunk junior resorting to gheebat, deception and lies. But he little realizes that he is playing with fire and that he is in the process of sealing his doom with ignominy. 

The Concerned Ulama who have written the complaint make mention of the most stupid arguments which the Jamiatul Juhala clique presents to justify taking womenfolk along on the haraam journey for a tour with public money. If modernist organization misuse public funds and project their womenfolk into zina situations by exposing them to fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar, it does not follow Islamically and rationally that we too should adopt such a satanic course of action. When a person compromises the Haqq on one issue, it leads to further degeneration of one’s akhlaaq and Imaan. One evil gives rise to another evil. 

Ahmad Mohammedy and a couple of other junior crank-molvis are misusing the name of the Jamiat and are embezzling the funds of the Jamiat to achieve their nafsaani objectives of Hubb-e-Jaah and Hubb-e-Maal. In the insane pursuit to achieve these shaitaani objectives, this  junior, inexperienced molvi whose brains have become unbalanced by the ‘leadership’ position into which he was thrust by default, has sold his soul to his murtaddeen employers who control the Orient kuffaar school. He lies completely prostrate licking the boots of the murtaddeen trustees of the kuffaar school. Bowing and accepting every haraam and kufr demand and imposition of his murtad employers, he has betrayed the principles of the Deen and the Maqsad for which the original Jamiat had been established by the seniors. 

Under the leadership of this junior gone crazy with the lust for power, name and fame, the Jamiatul Ulama  KZN has gone to the dogs. It lies sprawled in the gutters. It is no longer an Ilmi organization which has the ability to guide Muslims along Siraatul Mustaqeenm.   The Deen plays no role in the activities of Jamiatul Juhala. It lacks the support of Haqq, hence this Jamiatul Juahala has gone into the haraam embrace of the Qabar Pujaaris, the modernists and the zindeeqs of the MJC and the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg. 

In the inordinate craving for despicable aggrandizement, name and fame, Mohammedy and his couple of poodles linked up with the Gulenist movement in Turkey. They struck up an unholy alliance with Islam’s greatest enemy  of recent times, namely, the Gulenist movement whose brand of ‘islam’ has been highly praised by Clinton, Bush, the Pope and numerous other kuffaar luminaries. Gulen, the interfaith kaafir, is holed up in the U.S.A., where he has amassed a huge fortune and where he enjoys C.I.A. protection. To distribute the food hampers to the Syrian refugees, Mohammedy with his couple of poodles entered into a haraam alliance with the Gulenist movement which operates refugee camps in Turkey. 

These juniors of Jamiatul Juhala utilized the Jamiat’s Zakaat funds to carve a name for themselves. They lack in sincerity.  They resort to considerable advertising of the couple of food hampers they doled out via the Gulenist movement. They shamelessly placed a large banner with the name, Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa, on a stack of food hampers to claim credit for the doling out of crumbs. Why, did they have to link up with the enemy of Islam? 

Why did they not arrange with Al-Imdaad Foundation which also conducts relief work in Turkey? Why did they select the Gulenist movement, not Al-Imdaad? There is no conundrum underlying the clique’s choice. If they had linked up with Al-Imdaad, they (the baatil clique of ulama-e-soo’) believed that the credit, name and fame will go to Al-Imdaad, not to them (i.e. to the Jamiat). Thus, for the sake of achieving their nafsaani objectives they decided to join hands with the enemies of Islam. In so doing, Ahmad Mohammedy and his workers from the Jamiat’s office had acted treacherously, selling Islam and the Ummah down the drain for the achievement of their miserable goals of nafsaaniyat.

 The salient features of the Jamiat under the leadership of inexperienced juniors craving for aggrandizement and recognition, are dalliance with baatil and haraam, embezzlement of charitable funds, massive waste of funds, and joining the camp of the people of baatil. The Jamiatul Ulama of Kwazulu-Natal has ended in a sad demise. 

If  the few senior Ulama who with silence are condoning the haraam activities and the  shaitaaniyat of these inexperienced junior office workers, do not wake up to boot the handful of miscreants and cranks out of the office, the Jamiat will die ignominiously in the dregs of baatil. More shall be said and explained about the shenanigans of the baatil clique of juniors who have utterly ruined the reputation of the Jamiatul Ulama of Natal with their evil and haraam alliance with the people of baatil, dhalaal, bid’ah, fisq and fujoor. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.”


The aimmah mudhilleen are the frauds such as those who are striving to establish BOGUS ‘uucsa’, the Qabar Pujaaris (grave worshippers), the Zindeeqs of the MJC, the liberal modernist molvis of the NNB Jamiat who are no better than the Zindeeqs, and now the bedfellows of the Gulenist movement – Ahmad Mohammedy and his couple of poodles of Jamiatul Juhala. The whole miserable cabal of miscreants are sell-outs – they have sold Islam and the Muslim community for the sake of their evil and base objectives.

19 Zil Hajj 1436 – 3 October 2015

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