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Complicating the debacle into which the Gift of the Givers had plunged itself into by  losing R15 million of the Muslim community‚Äôs money, the  Makhanda Municipality, refuting the claims of the  organization, states that it is not indebted to the Gift of Givers. The following report has more:

Makhanda water crisis: No agreement to pay for aid

Friday 17 May 2019 - 5:49am

Aid group, Gift of the Givers, is withdrawing from Makhanda in the Eastern Cape. It's been providing drought relief in the area.

MAKHANDA - The Makhanda Municipality is admitting the withdrawal of Gift of the Givers will impact its recovery from the water crisis.

But the Eastern Cape town denies having a financial agreement with the NGO to drill boreholes.

Gift of the Givers has left the town because of the payment dispute.

Two months ago, Gift of the Givers intervened with critical water resources.

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It drilled 15 boreholes, bringing stability to communities but that's where the good news ends.

The municipality denies it had a deal in place to pay the Gift of the Givers for the work it did.

Makhanda municipal manager, Moppo Mene said, "their coming into town was to assist the municipality, not to be paid.

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"They came in to offer their generosity to the municipality. What happened is that they moved further to do boreholes something which we also had to do as the municipality."

The municipality says it will now hire local companies to connect the boreholes that Gift of the Givers drilled.

Mene said, "we appointed a consultant to undertake the water study."

The dispute has raised a red flag among accountability monitoring experts.

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Muslims who have contributed Zakaat and Lillaah to the Gift of the Givers should take up the issue of the R15 million waste with the Gift of the Givers. Zakaat obligations have not been discharged.

7 Shawwaal 1440 -11 June 2019